Arab & Chaldean World Festival -Detroit, Michigan

Recognized as the biggest Arab Chaldean American cultural event in North America for over 40 years, the Arab & Chaldean World Festival attracts over 100,000 people every year to enjoy music from all over the Middle East, the Art Gallery showcasing multiple exhibits, the popular Children’s Fair featuring arts and crafts projects and multiple attractions that are fun for the whole family, a variety of Arabic and Chaldean food and a fashion show highlighting the exotic and different attire from all of the Arab countries involved.

Two days full of food, fashion, art, history and music. The annual Arab and Chaldean Festival is an ethnic extravaganza of epic proportions. Typically taking place in July at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit, this event attracts thousands of people of all ages to learn more about the Middle East and experience Arabic culture in living color.

The festival features a variety of Arab and Chaldean food, cultural gallery exhibits and an impressive list of Middle Eastern live performers and entertainment programs. Folklore Dance troupes and a fashion show representing different attire from all of the Arab countries are also part of the two-day event’s lineup.

Every year, this venue showcases multiple exhibits that give an insider’s view on Arabic culture, from medicine and folklore to customs and much more.

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