Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation and Their Transport Need

Your college’s freshman orientation is the first major step you will take towards beginning your college education. This is definitely a hectic experience for most of us as it involves meeting your ‘would be’ classmates, professors and generally getting familiar with the campus and policies. You may prefer the comfort of a personal car to 

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say no to uber

Buying Uber’s Mobility- a Boon or Bane

One must admit the fact that since the introduction of taxi services like Uber and ride-sharing apps like Ryde and Lyft, people are now more inclined to avail these mobility services.  As these services use modern day apps within the reach of your smartphone, radio taxi service like Uber seems to be becoming a prevalent 

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Michigan Outdoor Getaway

Michigan Outdoor Getaway – Great Weekend Escapade in Michigan

Michigan Outdoor Getaway offers 1000+ extraordinary campgrounds for all those camping enthusiasts out there who want to spend their much-needed family time outings. In Michigan, there is an abundance of campgrounds that everyone can utilize to spend a truly satisfying and fun-filled weekend. Hire a car that will drop you off to these lakeshore properties 

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