Michigan Outdoor Getaway

Michigan Outdoor Getaway – Great Weekend Escapade in Michigan

Michigan Outdoor Getaway offers 1000+ extraordinary campgrounds for all those camping enthusiasts out there who want to spend their much-needed family time outings. In Michigan, there is an abundance of campgrounds that everyone can utilize to spend a truly satisfying and fun-filled weekend. Hire a car that will drop you off to these lakeshore properties and live the outdoor life to its fullest.

The combination of 1100 private camping grounds & about 100 state-owned ones give the avid camper an amazing range to choose from. There are grounds that are placed along a waterfront while there are many in close proximity to the Great Lakes shore. In fact, when in Michigan there is no dearth of lakeshore or campground which are ideal for some fun family bonding. All it takes is dumping your stuff in a hired car and taking off for the weekend.

Summer vacations can be planned if you can book in advance to avoid disappointment as Michigan is a hot spot for camping and occupancy is at its peak. However, if you are one of those last moment planners, do not despair as there are many last minute cancellations too and you and your family can be accommodated easily. Time to book a limo and take your family on a great weekend escapade in Michigan.

Before you pitch your tent, we have a few words of advice and caution for the great outdoors campers:

Be flexible with your travel plans

If you have taken off in a whim without a reservation, it would be great to keep an open mind so that travel plans can be adjusted accordingly. There are many hidden wonders you could discover if you trod the path very few have taken. There could be undiscovered spots that can be much better and fun filled than the common ones. A flexible itinerary also allows time to have some off-the-road amazement and acts as a surprise to the entire family.

In between the weekdays

Want to avoid the rush and the large crowds you generally find at these camping grounds? If work schedules permit, try to go camping mid-week and you could be in for an enjoyable time. There could be a mid-week discount and you could have the entire place to yourself instead of sharing the landscape. Check this out and book your car to load your bags in.

Talk to locals

The best guides you and your family could find on a Michigan outdoor getaway are the locals. Spend some time at the local diner while on the road and you could get some true nuggets of information you could use on this trip. The staff is generally helpful and can guide you to the lesser-known places with a great view and a perfect parking for your hired car.

Forest Fun

Michigan is a heaven for forest campgrounds as there are more than 130 state forest campgrounds that have 3000+ campsites with basic amenities. Like to rough it out? This is the getaway you are looking for. Book your cab immediately and rush with your family for a great Michigan outdoor getaway.